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  1. Welcome!
  2. Class of Heroes 2 Update 4/19/2013
  3. Game Request Thread
  4. Online gamer username swap (PSN/360/WiiU/3DS)
  5. Favorite Games
  6. Currently Playing
  7. Game request - Far East of Eden: The Fourth Apocalypse (PSP)
  8. Game request - Danganronpa 1 & 2 (PSP)
  9. Canadian Shipping?
  10. Working Designs Appreciation Thread
  11. Buying Class of heroes 2 from Europe
  12. game request tears to tiara 1
  13. Game Request: Ever17: The Out of Infinity
  14. Game Request: Sol Trigger
  15. PSP Game request compilation
  16. Class of Heroes Discussion/Tips
  17. Class of Heroes 2 - Talk it Up and Help Out
  18. Custom avatars now enabled on forum
  19. Video Game Sale Thread
  20. Upcoming Game Discussion
  21. Crazy game request
  22. Class of Heroes 2 presales are closed
  23. What will your main party be?
  24. Game request - Class of Heroes 2G & 3G (PS3)
  25. Galapagos Game
  26. Request physical PSP copies for these 3 games (1 upcoming, 2 recently released)
  27. Request for Vic's initials on the shrink wrap of original KS copies (just suggesting)
  28. CoH2 Electronic Reservation Voucher Codes are going out starting tonight
  29. Collector's Cove (Post Pictures of Your Loot)
  30. Gaming Soundtracks
  31. PSP Vs. Vita. DS Lite Vs. 3DS.
  32. Game Request - Surge Concerto: Ciel Nosurge
  33. Game Request: Ore Ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Otsu
  34. Game Request - Gundam Seed Battle Destiny
  35. Game request - Experience Inc. Games (Demon Gaze, Students of the Round, + DRPGs)
  36. Can we finally get an apology for Silhouette Mirage?
  37. Future Kickstarter Campaigns.
  38. Working Designs titles on Wii U Virtual Console?
  39. Which method is best to get in touch with Vic?
  40. Fairy Fencer F (Galapagos RPG debut)
  41. Vanguard Bandits Pin
  42. Another Class of Heroes 2 video up
  43. As the last day to order physical draws near...
  44. CoH2 Character customizations
  45. Your Order with Gaijinworks has shipped!
  46. Site messed up?
  47. Looking for a helping hand.... Re: kickstarter coh2
  48. Fatal Frame IV (Wii)
  49. It's Time For The "Guess the Upcoming Gaijinworks PS1 Game."
  50. What was your first Working Designs game and fondest memory?
  51. I propose a Class of Heroes 2 outreach program.
  52. Popful Mail (Sega CD): Why was this game made so difficult for the US version?
  53. WD Trivia/Storytime Thread
  54. Upcoming E3
  55. What Are You Currently Playing?
  56. How did you get into RPGs?
  57. A review of a Working Designs classic: Alundra!
  58. Any game(s) you sold that you regret later in life? Ever re-buy them?
  59. Class of Heroes 2 Digital version passed Q/A - releases 6/4
  60. Game request: OreShika/Over My Dead Body (PSP)
  61. Non Gaijinworks discussion thread
  62. Arc the Lad 3 Vita Compatibility
  63. Why do you think no one has ever re-released Snatcher?
  64. Game Request - Summon Night 5 for PSN release! [PSP]
  65. PoPoLoCrois Monogatari 1,2,PoPoRoGue japanse import on us psn request.
  66. would gaijinworks work on android games?
  67. Vanguard Bandits, did the Japanese ver. have voice acting?
  68. Game Request: Freedom Wars (PS Vita)
  69. Import Gaming Thread
  70. Xbox One
  71. Time & Eternity Collector's Edition/Regular Edition Preorder Open
  72. Square Enix Presents
  73. What's your favorite "retro" console?
  74. The PSP on TV Thread
  75. Forum Improvements
  76. If Working Designs were still around
  77. Game Request - Dariusburst
  78. [Rumor] List Of Games Gaijinworks Are In Discussions Of Localizing?
  79. Your Holy Grail in Gaming? (The game you cherish the most!)
  80. Your favorite underrated game?
  81. Need an RPG to get excited about
  82. Game Request - Hero X Battle Princess
  83. How far along were the "Alex Punching Puppets" for Lunar 2 Eternal Blue?
  84. CoH2 FAQs
  85. EU Release
  86. Game Request: X-Tetra (3DS/Vita), from Unchained Blades developer Furyu!
  87. Senran Kagura (Burst) localization
  88. This one is a Funny Fantasy worth watching if you haven't already seen this by now.
  89. The World is small...! COH2-related
  90. E3 is coming up soon!
  91. GungHo Aiming to top nintendo
  92. UFO localizing bullet hell PS3 game
  93. RPGamer Class of Heroes 2 preview
  94. Games Series Request
  95. Class of Heroes 2: Review Center
  96. What COLOR is your PSP!
  97. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Announced
  98. Class of Heroes 2 PSN codes distributed!
  99. Game Request - Instant Brain (Visual Novel by Cave) [XBOX360]
  100. The wall bump noises are in!
  101. Class of Heroes 2 - Who's in Your Party?
  102. Alchemy in CoH2
  103. Can someone please make a strategy guide?
  104. Do you give race based names?
  105. Class of Heroes 2 - Max BP roll?
  106. Why can't I make a Gnome Sorcerer?
  107. PSP in 2013, stronger than ever!
  108. Full Inventory.
  109. Everyone, Don't Forget to Rate Class of Heroes 2 on the PSN Store!
  110. Class of Heroes 2: Maps.
  111. Oh That Ouya
  112. Class Of Heroes 2 Game Request !!!
  113. SCEE asking for Vita JRPG localization ideas
  114. CoH2/2G Quest Solutions
  115. E3 2013
  116. Class of Heroes 2: Bugs and Errors - Master Thread
  117. Class of Heroes 2: Bugs and Errors (closed)
  118. The 14th can't come soon enough.
  119. Two free turn based mobile RPG games worth checking out.
  120. Question for Victor, Pandora's Tower game freezing. finding out what causes this
  121. Games of the Past REVIEW: Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue Complete (Op Rainfall)
  122. Game Request: MIND=0
  123. How are the physical editions coming along for Class of Heroes 2?
  124. Project Awareness: The History of Japanese Game Developers
  125. :( Seiken Densetsu illustrator Hiro Isono has passed away.
  126. Class Of Heroes 2 - Finished the game? (here be spoilers)
  127. I think this Kickstarter Turn Based RPG project might be of interest to some of you.
  128. "Lost" PSOne Games you'd like to see on PSN
  129. well, this game (CH2) is sure difficult!
  130. CoH 2 -Fallen Angel help
  131. Things I've started to notice about COH2
  132. When will we get any news about the PSN EU release of CoH 2?
  133. [US Gamer] Class of Heroes 2 Interview
  134. The most Japanese rpg ever
  135. JRPG variety, what would you like to see more/less of?
  136. How many games do you OWN ?
  137. How longer until we get our UMD copies We should have the option of no long
  138. New 16-bit-ish RPG announced
  139. Index having financial problems
  140. The COH2 Pop Culture Thread.
  141. A lot of KEMCO Android RPGs on sale for .99 cents (last day to get in on the action)
  142. playing class of heroes 2 on the vita
  143. Show us your Virtual Games Collection
  144. Class of Heroes Final (CoH4)
  145. Class of heroes 2 UMD
  146. since aksys and nisa are going to announce something in a few hrs....
  147. Trigger Happy Havoc Dangan Ronpa (Vita) by NIS America!
  148. Demon Gaze (Vita) by NIS America!
  149. Ace Attorney Series (Currently: AA5 Physical Copy Support)
  150. Request - Students of the Round: The Eternal Legend (PSP)
  151. Request-Rezel Cross and Coded Soul PSP
  152. Can't transfer CoH2 from PS3 to Vita
  153. Any new updates on when we should get the UMDS
  154. Question for Victor: Steam PC Release?
  155. Legend of Heroes series
  156. Shin Megami Tensei
  157. mystic chronicles coming up this Tuesday
  158. Operation Rainfall: Vote to Localize (Sega and Konami polls)
  159. A few questions I have
  160. Jenny Stigile?
  161. Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Remake is out now on Steam.
  162. Suikoden II (PSN)
  163. Class of Heroes 2 Physical Version UMD Updates
  164. How many of Lunar Silver Star Story / Eternal Blue (Complete) were produced for PS1?
  165. My dwarf put on a disco suit
  166. New nisa game being announced today
  167. Project Phoenix
  168. Physical Class of Heroes 2 atill hasnt arrived
  169. Could GW pick up the US "Phantom Breaker" localization?
  170. Magic Knight Rayearth and Sega
  171. [Fanwork] Class of Heroes series x Minecraft
  172. ATLUS gains ACCESS to FMV...
  173. Ys Infinity
  174. Anyone played Star Odyssey yet?
  175. The New Mega Man - Mighty No. 9
  176. Trails in the Sky SC Teased, and likely confirmed by morning
  177. New PS Vita TV System!
  178. Diablo III Console Edition
  179. WD game requests
  180. Final Fantasy Agito definitely localized, maybe Type-0
  181. Sega Sammy purchases Index Corporation?
  182. Agarest: Generations of War on Steam
  183. Importing
  184. Konami Licensing Hudson IPs Like "Far East Of Eden" To Other Companies
  185. Steins;gate. In English. Period.
  186. Growlanser/Langrisser Recap
  187. I Love Class of Heroes! (Fan-Art)
  188. Class of Heroes 2 PSN version 2.00 is out of QA!
  189. Anyone have a Wii U? Post your IDs!
  190. Rune Factory 4 thread
  191. Disgaea D2
  192. New Turn Based J-RPG "Edge of Eternity" on Kickstarter.
  193. What are some absolute must have titles for importing?
  194. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
  195. Elminage
  196. Elemental Gearbolt & Castle Shikigami: The Tagami Connection
  197. 16 Bit RPG Everlong is a fantastic game.
  198. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles: Collector's Edition for PS3 is now open for pre-orders
  199. Pokemon X/Y Thread
  200. LUNAR® Eternal Blue
  201. Class of Heroes 2 is rated T and E10? Wait, what?
  202. Will class of heroes 2 be open to UMD ordering again ever?
  203. Valhalla Knights on PSN is 100% for all
  204. Class of Heroes 2 Physical package (in-hand) pictures
  205. So what are the future plans for GW after the CoD 2 release in terms of games?
  206. One thing I have always been curious about how many Assassin's case were actually....
  207. Class of Heroes 2 (database of physical production numbers)
  208. Sorcery Saga Limited Edition too meh?
  209. Five Tantalizingly Untranslated PSP RPGs
  210. Dragon Force Re-release?
  211. NISA localizing Neptunia PP, first idol-game to hit the West! Your turn, Vic!
  212. Localization Request thread
  213. What could the perforation on the COA for COH2 be for?
  214. Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set
  215. Received hard copies but not digital
  216. Arc The Lad 3 non downloadable on Vita.
  217. Xbox 360 RPGs you should play!
  218. The 7th Guest 3: The Collector on Kickstarter.
  219. Your Top 5 RPGs of This Generation.
  220. This Kickstarter RPG looks interesting.
  221. Surprise! Narcissu 1&2 on Steam Greenlight
  222. Yet another Kickstarter RPG...
  223. Disc rot
  224. What was your first video game experience?
  225. 3 days left to fund this Kickstarter game from creators of Myst and Riven.
  226. Puppy Bee and Cat needs you last second support.
  227. Is there some kind of mailing list, or do we have to check the site for new news?
  228. Another Kickstarter RPG treading familiar ground.
  229. Game Manuals (Or Lack of Them).
  230. Pier Solar Genesis / MD Reprint (And DC / Wii U / PS3 / PS4 / PC / Mac / Linux).
  231. PSOne Classics Game Requests
  232. Conception 2 announced for NA Release
  233. Are there any plans to eventually release maybe some console games? Anime based?
  234. In addition to Conception 2, more Atlus announcements made - RPGs P5 and PQ reveal.
  235. Another Kickstarter for a JRPG like game.
  236. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Limited Edition now up for pre-order.
  237. Sony submits trademark for "Arc the Lad"
  238. For those in US, Happy Thanksgiving!
  239. Dead Game Franchises (Or, Why I'd Like ActRaiser 3).
  240. Rune Factory/Lufia Developer going Bankrupt!
  241. Game Request - Unchained Blades Exxiv PSP/3DS
  242. Ys: Memories of Celceta. Who's Playing It?
  243. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals.
  244. Your Game Of The Year 2013
  245. Bravely Second announced for 3DS
  246. Fate/Extra, now $10 on PSN
  247. Drakengard 3 Release Thread.
  248. Witch And The Hundred Knights LE now available for pre-order
  249. Tales of Zestiria game announced...
  250. Lightning Returns CE announced...