Oct 16, 201SN6_Vita_Box-Cover_with_manual_250x219.jpg7 - The amazing Summon Night 6 is finally almost here for PS4 and PSVita, and you can help us spread the word and have chances to win awesome prices in the process! Today we’re announcing the Summon Night 6 Prize Summoner, where every week for the next 8 weeks, we’ll tweet one or more Official Tweets from our @GAIJINWORKS twitter account with hashtag #SN6PS promoting the game, and by retweeting that tweet, you’ll be automagically entered in that week’s prize drawing, as well as for the grand prize drawing in week 9.  Retweet entries accumulate, so if you retweet from week one, you’ll have more entries in successive weeks and at the final grand prize.SN6WEExternal_Box_-_websize4.png

Each week of the promotion, the winner chosen at random from all eligible retweets will receive a Summon Night 6:Wonderful Edition deluxe set, and a runner up will receive a PlayStation TV system.

The grand prize drawn in week 9 from all eligible retweets from the entire promotion will net the lucky fan a 55” HD Television, Summon Night 6: Wonderful Edition, PlayStation TV system, and a delicious assortment of snacks and drinks to enjoy while playing the game.

To enter you must reside in North America and have a twitter account. Love of jRPGs is not required but will probably help your promotional karma and general self-worth.  Follow @GAIJINWORKS and keep an eye out for the promotional tweet(s) with the #SN6PS hashtag so you can retweet it and help spread awareness of how awesome Summon Night 6 is, netting yourself chances to win some truly awesome prizes in the process!

DISCLAIMER:The Summon Night 6 PRIZE SUMMONER promotion features awesome prizes from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Amazon, electronics companies, snack vendors, and beverage manufacturers, but none of them are affiliated with nor endorsing this promotion. We wish they were, though, because then we could get a deal on the prizes - maybe even get them for free like you will if you're a winner by retweeting @GAIJINWORKS tweets with the #SN6PS from wherever you happen to be when you see one of these very special tweets for the next 8 weeks.



March 3, 2017 Here's a batch of new pictures from Summon Night 6.  Some of these have been sent out over the last week on our twitter feed @GAIJINWORKS, and more will be tweeted out there soon, so if you want to see the latest ones, follow us on twitter.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures captured straight from the game!




Updated December 15th 2016 - It's been a while since we originally announced the Summon Night 6 Wonderful Editions and now we can finally show you the final versions of the key components!  It's changed quite a bit since the beginning, and we think you'll like what you see. 

First up, we have the three sidekick characters, Patch, Quilt, and Linen together for the first time! These are the randomly-inserted 8" plush characters that will steal your heart!


Remember the four PVC drink coasters for the main characters and the game logo we showed at the Wonderful Edition announcement?  We decided to give them their very own, cool storage case. It has a magnetic flap to keep it closed and cool graphics inside and out.  Here, have a look at the storage box closed, and open:


Next, we've been busily modifying the external box this all comes in. It's sturdy boxboard with a fold over flap that closes magnetically.  We've also upgraded the logo to foil stamping on the front, left, and right panels. SN6WEExternal_Box_-_websize3-wide.jpg

Once you pull the blue ribbon loop to open the flap on the right side of the box, the side panel is revealed showing one of the powerful Summons from the game. Then, opening further, reveals that the inside cover features an awesome snowy battleground scene from the game!

What's that inside the box there? The Premium Art Book!  We've upgraded this substantially now - it is hardbound with a faux-leather cover, foil stamped logo on the front, and spine, three placeholder ribbons representing the three sidekick characters, a full-color interior on 200 pages of rich, matte-finish paper, gilded page edges, and a nice dust jacket with the history of the Summon Night series on the inside left flap.


Wonderful Edition Presales are now closed.

The direct purchase Wonderful Edition you can't buy now comes with all this:

  • PS4 Game with Multi-Sided Coversheet, Full Color Game Manual, and Full Color Disc Label
    PSVita Game with Multi-sided coversheet with Full Color Game Manual
  • Dust-Jacketed, Hardcover, Foil Stamped and Gilded 200+ Page Deluxe Art Book that chronicles the Summon Night Series
  • Summon Night 6: Lost Borders 33 Track Deluxe Soundtrack with Full Color Disc Label in Full-Sized CD case
  • Exclusive 8" Plush (One of three possible sidekick characters from the game randomly inserted)
  • Exclusive Four PVC Molded Drink Coasters, one for each of the main characters, and one of the game logo housed in a custom coaster case with magnetic flap
  • Exclusive Double-sided, huge 21" x 30" poster
  • Exclusive Foil-Stamped Collector's Box with magnetic flap
  • Exclusive Serial Numbered Hologram
  • Exclusive Custom-designed shipping box to transport it to you. 



If you missed out, don't fret! Summon Night 6 Regular Editions for PS4 and PS Vita are now available for preorder at retailers like Gamestop (in-store and online) and!

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