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  1. Nick, you keep posting on your own Visitor's Messages's wall-account, thinking it's me or mine's.
  2. What's up dude?
  3. Hey.....
  4. Double post. Double-message-post.

    - TempestOne
  5. Yeah, you're posting on your own page. I don't know how this works, either.

    I'm just playing LUNAR: "Series" or the two LUNAR video games together. I really have nothing else to do but work on my stash/"station" of just video games stuff, right now.

    - TempestOne
  6. I'm posting on my own page? Like right here in the private chars? Wtf lol.

    That's cool man I've never played both LUNAR 1 and 2 at the same time. Love it when Alex becomes the Dragonmaster! I'm not as familiar with LUNAR 2 but it's a damn fine game.

    Backloggery huh, I'll check it out.

  7. Hey, I think you're posting on your own page but I saw your messages just now.

    I found this webside called "Backloggery" I am TempestOne on there. I've been looking for something like that for years and I've always just been busy message boarding.

    Yeah, I'm crawling or re-crawling through LUNAR "series" I guess it's all capitals to distinguish itself from Lunar the world. I'm playing through LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete right now, and LUNAR 2, too. I've just gotten through the Black Dragon Fortress, and I'm in Saith talking to everyone in all the burgs, towns and cities again. In LUNAR 2, I am in Zulan, about to go up to the snow cave, I guess.

    - TempestOne
  8. Yeah man I could go on for days about Valkyrie Profile...the only bad thing about playing it 3 times in a row is I prolly won't feel like playing it for a couple years lol. I really wish theyd make a sequel.

    So what's this website called where you listed all your games? Sounds interesting.

    What do you mean "the series"? VP or Lunar? I'm assuming Lunar cause the original is for Sega CD? I have a Sega CD and my only 2 games for it are Lunar 1 and 2, but I haven't ever really played them. The color palette is so awful lol.

    If you have an Instagram account, look me up at njhowe88. My page is dedicated to all things gaming; buy, sell, trade, collect. I post pics of my collection and new pic ups. It's really great for networking, I've made several buys and trades with other gamers. (in case you don't have an IG account) I'd love to see your collection!

    Lata pump!
  9. Man I love Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, it's definitely in my top 5 favorite games, as well as Lunar 2: EBC. Last Lunar I played was Silver Star Harmony for psp, it was a great experience, but the PS1 SSSC is my favorite Lunar 1 version. It's cool to know I'm not the only person who still plays older games. I've had my PS4 for a year now and I only have like 5 games, so I definitely play more old school games than new games.

    Did you play Shovel Knight? I have it for PS4 and man it is immpressive! It was an amazing experience. Best platformer I've played in years! I couldn't put it down till I beat it. In case you don't know, after finishing the game with Shovel Knight, you unlock a new character that's magic based rather than physical so it changes completely how the game plays. I still need to play thru it with the 2nd char.
  10. Oh short message is all good, figured you were just busy or something.

    Yeah I've been gaming and collecting...a LOT. I've already bought/traded for 25 games this year, plus several guides. I went a bit crazy with spending my student loans for **** I don't "need" :/ I found a really decent condition Parasite Eve guide on ebay for $8 shipped, it arrived tomorrow! I've been getting a lot ps1, ps2, ds, 3ds, and psp games. Persona 1 and 2, Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle, Brigandine, these types of PS1 heavy hitters! Persona 3 and 4, megaman X collection, and other ds and psp rpgs. I'm currently playing Trails in the Sky, Silent Hill 2, and Persona 2: Innocent Son for psp. All 3 are excellent, i haven't played Silent Hill 2 since it first came out like 15 years ago, so that's been cool. It's my first time with,the other 2.
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