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  1. Hey, been checkin' the rounds on my social hub I have goin' on here and I was wonderin' where you've been - good thing I checked! Yeah- I just checked my Amazon Payments page. You have to go to Http://Amazonpayments to check to see if your order file really went through. I only ordered one, because I forgot to get a double-order, but it's kewl, and it was for $49.99 but the total was $58.something so, check on that. Uh, I'm not privy to official, well, lol but it seems like everythings going good around here it's just the usual bout of fight-after-fight on whos had a "better" retro childhood, ...Hahahahehehe! I don't think they're out of the running, they're like running with the pack in terms of video games for me, forever.
  2. That's great man I'm glad you like Albert. I only played Valkyrie for a few hours (still) I need to get back to it. I'm so used to only gaming up when I'm I've got my opiate/benzo mid on...playing sober now just isn't the same experience and its so unfortunate. Now its the hunt and obtaining the games I grew up with is Kore fun than actually playing them ;/ kinda weird? Did we ever talk on Facebook or anything? If you're on fb my name is Nickolas john Howe if u wanna search me...hope all is well with u bro. Yeah me and my brother...our childhood was video games, RPGs all the way. That's awesome thanks for writing me.
  3. Hey sorry I havny been on here for quite a while. Ya I double checked my Cc payment made to amazon for $47 or 49.99 so I think my payment went thru for coh2g. I should a got 2 copies...I'm getting the feeling because the so very low production numbers that fan boys will be all over this after it comes out ya know? I hope GW logo is on it! Its been like 10 years since GW has been around and it doesn't seem like Vic is doing much with it...? Of course I do t know how the politics and stuff work with gaming but still...
  4. Oh, yea- I'm getting Class of Heroes 2G. I just double-checked this. Hopefully I ordered it right, but I got my voucher in the e-mail from Amazon Payments, so when the videogame is ready to be shipped out, it'll just show up? *Lol*
  5. Hey, I din't know whether to talk to you here or on Yahoo; I got a newer Yahoo account I use, thought I'd let you know about how I was faring in Albert Odyssey: The Legend of Eldean. I used to play that videogame a lot when I was younger, I thought it was the coolest box out of all the Sega Saturns. Magic Knight Rayearth din't come out yet at that point, and Albert's was one of the few anime-ish games that I liked. You know about you and your brother, so I thought I'd let you know what was 'wussup' with your product that you traded with me, thought I'd give you the lo-down on what I thought on it, since it means that much to you.
  6. Hey, wussup with you? I was just about to leave you a message.
  7. Life's great lol how bout you? Sorry I havnt been in here in weeeeks. Just got my class if hero's ordered thinking about buying 2-3 copies to sell later? Anyways r u getting it? Hope alls well with u

  8. (Hello? Did you Get you r life Together? lol) its fun yesxOhx I was looking at your message right now because time ran-out and you should delete that Address, Yourx Cereal Justx Likex
  9. I shot you an e-mail. Be careful about posting that public info!
  10. Cool man I was thinking the exact same. My name is Nickolas Howe if u wanna fb me, or so I'll go ahead and box up Albert so its ready to ship unless u wanna see pics I can put on fb? What's your shipping Address? Mine is :

    Nick Howe
    8070 Black Hawk
    Idaho Falls, ID
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