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Thread: Square Enix announces new Valkyrie Profile game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xelement5x View Post
    I also want to believe that people would not complain about a free bonus box on a limited print run but we have seen how that turned out :|
    complaining about the shipping boxes is rubbish but how does that tie in to this topic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckethead View Post
    complaining about the shipping boxes is rubbish but how does that tie in to this topic?
    I will take "Things that I want to believe but will never happen for 1000 Alex."
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    Lol yeah, I was just acting a bit sandy about it. People on Facebook are complaining like crazy too, I feel bad for poor Vic who tried to do something nice and then still gets dumped on by haters.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrBonkers View Post
    Actually this makes the localization good, but because it doesn't match the Japanese Script 1:1 people throw a fit. And if that's a problem for you, GTFO, go improve your Japanese and play the Japanese version to be as pure and kawaii as you want.

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    The only hope I hold is, that Japan occasionally ports mobile games to handhelds, I think the game will be crap, but if I can get a physical vita or 3ds edition I will get it if only Valkyrie Profiles.

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    **** you Square Enix. That is all.

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    Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky will probably be closer to a Valkyrie Profile game than this mobile thing . . . or I simply can't bother to care about a mobile game in general by comparison.

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    Teaser site open now:

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