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Thread: Gaijinwork dead on twitter? Summon Night 5 EU?

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    Question Gaijinwork dead on twitter? Summon Night 5 EU?

    Hey everyone
    I'm interested in playing Summon Night 5 and since I only have a PSvita & PSTV, I need the digital version in EU.
    it was announced some time back that the game would be available around Q1 2016 and now we are in Q2.

    So maybe it got delayed or worse.. cancelled? I tried my best to find some information..
    I looked for an update on the front page.. no luck
    I search on gaming sites like Gematsu and siliconera.. no update
    I tried to reach Gaijinworks on twitter, but that account hasn't been active since "23 Dec 2015"

    So now I'm seeking the information from the forum what is happening with European
    I really wish such information would be available on the frontpage and easy to find instead of me going treasure hurting

    - Sorry about the bad English

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    According to this post (#5) by Vic in the Summon Night Physical thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by vicireland View Post
    Still working on it. There was an issue with the global approval we're working to resolve. It's a technicality, but it slows things down. Once we get one up on the EU PSN, it should make it easier for the next and the next. It's all these unknowns we keep running into as first-timers on SCEE that keep tripping us up.
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    I'll get something on the gaijinworks twitter. We're tiny and the people we have are all busy on this and other projects that are currently overloading our small staff, so there hasn't been time for much outside of game localization and production at all for months. Hopefully after a few more games I'll be able to hire more staff to ease the load.

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    Sure, that's understandable
    however giving a small public announcement on something like twitter doesn't seem like it would take a lot time compared using forums right?

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    Possibly Vic (or anyone else there) doesn't use twitter much or at all. But, yea it should just take a few minutes.

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    How many people are currently working in your company, Vic? And did you make some profit with Summon Night 5 until now? Your effort is impressive and this game a true PSP gem, so the money belongs to you imo.

    PS: When do you announce the other projects? ^^

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