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Thread: Corpse Party 3DS LE announced, PC version gets release date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    So this is a remake of the original digital-only PSP release?
    This is a remake of an RPG maker shareware game from the late 90s(I think) which was then remade into a commercial PC game, which was later remade into an even more commercial PC game with added content years later which was then ported to PSP ,which was then remade for iOS, which was then later remade again as a super version for modern PCs which was ported to the 3DS.

    I **** you not :P and it received a "sequel" which was an expanded version of this game as well :P

    I will pick this up... when it's $30... for the box... and the figs... I can only buy this so many times (though each at a big discount XP)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DariaRPG View Post
    Although did anyone else notice the faceswaps between the protofigures and the box there?
    Maybe they'll have changeable parts (or there's inconsistencies until they settle on a final design).

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    It is up on Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandy_moorehol View Post
    Maybe they'll have changeable parts (or there's inconsistencies until they settle on a final design).
    Those are the figures from the Japanese Book of Shadows LE - so these figures should actually have swappable faces.

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