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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy View Post
    Vinyl degrades over time/when you play it so there is that.
    I guess I see hiss, pops and other such aspects of vinyl as a feature, not a bug. I never wore out a cassette tape to any noticable and annoying degree when I was a kid and I guess I don't really have an issue with vinyl degredation either. It just adds to the ambiance and doesn't bother me any more than the sound of the motor of my turntable. I think the amount of use required to wear down a record to the point in which it's noticeably distracting/abrasive while listenting is not very possible for me, but I guess I can understand wanting to avoid the degredation or what dust can do to the sound of vinyl regardless (though it makes more sense in concept than in execution to me).
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