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Thread: Popful Mail and Lunar II get de-WD'd

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    I had downloaded the Google Translate app to use for something else and thought I'd try it on the screen shots from the one link here with the japanese text. Using the live translate feature (where you hold the phone up and it translates as you look at the screen) it does ok at it but the sentences make no sense as it doesn't rearrange for the grammer. But it did get things like 'attack' and would provide some basics to figure out what's going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicireland View Post
    They're not so much worried about text double entendres or naughtiness, it's always been more the graphics and audio that drew the attention. Pre-ESRB, it was the wild-wild west and standards ebbed and flowed. I mean, we were able to have people burning at the stake (who talked to you!) in the Turbo version of Exile, while the SEGA version cut that completely. Two sets of standards, essentially the same game.
    exile is not the best example as both versions were cut of the last part of the game, going into the future and kill the nazis. honestly, the cripins wasnot the best choices for the christians also. i think the sega version completely alter this part of the dialogue from memory. it was more on the buddhist size and occult than the pc engine version (in english as i have played both).

    main default of exile 2 is that as in valis 4, the character can reach the other side of the screen, ennemies popup and kill you. as i played it after valis 1 to 4 on pc engine, i avoid the issue. the true difficulty comes when you don't choose the correct character on specific stage. else it is playable. aside of the last stage, which is... a nightmare.
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