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Thread: Data East [G-Mode] needs help re-releasing their games!

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    Data East [G-Mode] needs help re-releasing their games!

    I ended up going through a 'rabbit hole' of sorts after looking at some retro game longplays which eventually led me to looking at G-Mode's website. Apparently, they are looking to license out the IPs that they acquired from Data East's bankruptcy. Here's the link-

    Some games that I would like to see be re-released on modern platforms-


    download (1).jpg


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    They are vague in what "help" they need...o_o


    Are you looking for the lisence of these games?
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Probably looking for a partner with big pockets to help make re-releases they can earn some cash on while basically doing nothing.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrBonkers View Post
    Actually this makes the localization good, but because it doesn't match the Japanese Script 1:1 people throw a fit. And if that's a problem for you, GTFO, go improve your Japanese and play the Japanese version to be as pure and kawaii as you want.

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    That's the goal of any re-release or digital re-release.

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    The Deco stuff is pretty important historically too. It'd be interesting to have a cheap accurate collection of the games for this system.

    ....Unless by "Deco" they mean "Data East Company"...more likely that is what they mean rather than the Data East Deco cassette arcade system.

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