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Thread: Replacement Sega Saturn, Sega CD, PS1 Longbox Cases available! (Not LRG)

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    If it doesn't close correctly, that's a major f*ck up. Holy sh*t I miss my Saturn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoDerek View Post
    Update, the black trays also don't snap in like the originals. So they feel loose as well.

    Overall these LOOK almost perfect but these 2 small functional issues kinda kill these for me.

    - Front part lacks that snug closed feel when the case is shut
    - Inside black tray does not snap in, thus when backart is place in, its loose.
    Does the black tray snap into an official case any better? The variation in fit could simply be the clear case, possibly still making these worthwhile to insert into LRG cases.

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    Basically the guy that has been selling the cases that ordered off Amazon is trying to dump them fast because they suck so he can then make tweaks to them.

    Article basically saying how its race between LRG and him. Can't believe LRG has 150k invested in these. It would be sad if after all their work and perfection, they lose money because of a person going the Chinese route.

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