Kinda weird timing here.

Some guy just did a run of 10,000 (to spec) Sega Saturn (Sega CD, PS1 long aswell) cases

This includes the front, back and center tray.

$40 for 10

I imagine these will go really fast. I actually don't mind the price if they are spot on. I guess the molds are super expensive which is why no one had done this yet.

Limited Run Games just announced not long ago they will be selling these as well through their new website. But there won't be a limited supply. It seemed like LRG said each mold (for each piece) was in the 10k plus range. But they also mentioned they were being made in the US as to not have Chinese manufacturers just do their own runs on the side.

So this makes me wonder how this guy had 10,000 made around the same time LRG is supposed to announce theirs (they said March)

Either way Ive been waiting years for someone to do this. Sega Saturn games look so good with shiny, non scuffed cases. $4 is worth it to replace if the quality is exact.