Eeek, I really hope the lukewarm reaction (and potentially mediocre sales? not sure) of Summon Night 6 wasn't enough to put off Gaijinworks from releasing more games in future.
The only real misstep was the English voice-acting, and that can easily be fixed in future, if they just decide to go with Bang Zoom talent/another dubbing studio. (That's unless they just use the original Japanese voices for the next release, but I don't see that happening...)

Anyway, it was a fun game, a great physical release with a limited edition that was loved by many. Just kind of a shame that everything's gone so quiet. It's always nice having one more company to localise games, especially considering some seem to be pulling out of the game lately (Rising Star Games, Xseed, NISA...) I know those companies are still "around" but they are losing their popular licenses and gradually releasing less and less games. Someone needs to be there to pick up the slack and license the games other publishers wont!