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Thread: Class of Heroes Discussion/Tips

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    Class of Heroes Discussion/Tips

    Hey guys, since we're here at least at the moment primarily because of Class of Heroes 2, I figured maybe we can talk about Class of Heroes the first!

    In particular, I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for playing through the first game. I've played for at least 8 hours now, and it's been SUPER grindy, but that's okay with me, gives me something to do with idle time around if i wanna chat with people online while playing a game, since it doesn't take too much focus to just grind.

    Any general tips for playing through? Preferred strategies/setups that make playing more manageable? Or just overall impressions of the game?

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    I have to admit that I've only just begun playing this game... The learning curve doesn't seem like much, but on my third attempt to go into a dungeon I started getting zapped by electrified floors. Not sure about others, but that's not exactly something I was ready for.

    So, I'm definitely interested in any tips that may be shared here.

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    From the portion I've played (Again, not a ton, characters only around level 10 or so? Maybe a little less) I'd say having at least a healer and a mage (wizard?) is a must. But that's my personal feel. Healer for heals (and mine, a Celestian, has the ability that recharges spell usages as you walk, which is SUPER useful).

    Map's are super useful. I think you have to buy one for each area, but say you get Holdeah map, then it works on any variation of Holdeah road (or whatever it's called). You still have to explore, but pressing select at any time will reveal all squares you've been on. Mage/Wizard has a spell that works like a map for a tempporary amount of time, which can be useful for conserving inventory space.

    Weapons I'm still trying to figure out, but when you finally can afford or create stronger weapons, suddenly random grinding is less of a slog. But how does weapon proficiency work exactly (to anyone who knows)? I think most people can equip any weapon, but is it classes or races who are just better with certain weapons?

    Also, anyone have recommendations on whether or not to take the class that can appraise items? I decided not to at first, but now it feels like most of my money is spent appraising items , which kinda sucks. How does the character who can appraise work exactly?

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    Having someone in your immediate party that can appraise makes the game a lot smoother. On my current run, I have a Cleric outside of my main party who appraises items that my party drops by picking them up in the Recycle Bin. It's a bit tedious, but doable if you don't want either a Cleric or Alchemist in your party. Note that Alchemists don't get Appraisal until Level 10 and just so happen to be the hardest major to level up.

    With a Cleric, you can Appraise items anytime, but sometimes they fail, moreso at lower levels. And sometimes they'll get fear status from failing so hopefully you have a Devout (healer) nearby to cure that.

    That being said, if it's your first time playing, grab a Cleric and keep them in your party. Appraisal + access to both Black and White magic is pretty damn useful.
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    Appraisal is the #1 best thing they ditched for Class of Heroes 2. I *hated* that system in CoH1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicireland View Post
    Appraisal is the #1 best thing they ditched for Class of Heroes 2. I *hated* that system in CoH1.
    Agreed, appraisal is just monotonous and unnecessary. I'm looking forward to the 2nd one if it does away with that.

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    I wasn't that bothered by appraisal except during the times it would fail several times in a row. That being said, I can see one main issue with it. Which is that it ultimately creates an extra step. After all, you'd have to be crazy to pay to appraise items. So you might as well appraise them yourself.

    I found while playing through the game, I ended up spending most of my money on gaining levels. I also quickly developed my main party to know every school of magic except Summon Magic due to the restriction. Doing so kind of breaks the game.

    Seriously, screw trying to get your units to hit stuff. Just Big Bang everything! Oh, and use Ragnarok too. Also, Magic Ring, Magic Attack UP, etc.

    I also had other parties too and sometimes I'd have one party go one direction in a dungeon and another go a different direction. Also, abusing teleport was fun.

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    1. Play on masochist mode. The increase in difficulty is pretty modest at the beginning. The exp increase is massive. You'll spend a lot less time grinding playing on the higher difficulty.

    2. The races are not equal. Drakes and diablos are significantly more powerful than the other races because of their combination of breath and high hp. Breath is an always hit ability that does decent damage for the first 10 levels or so, gains +1 AoE at every 5 levels, and has infinite uses. It's a powerful tool to get through the beginning of the game, where it's hardest because you have no equipment and no spell slots.

    3. The classes are not equal. Fighting classes need good equipment, while casters only need levels. The time needed to regain your levels from switching classes is pretty small compared to the initial setup. Take more than 1 wizard and nuke stuff. You can gain levels faster this way.

    4. Rangers, ninjas, and kunoichis are really bad at thievery without +thief equipment. Thieves are terrible at fighting. The solution is to take a devout and scan chests for traps (100% accuracy), and only open the ones you want. If you also take a psychicer, you'll eventually get a spell (Unlock) that has a 100% success rate for disarming traps and opening doors.

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    So, I'm bumping this up because I can't seem to find a quick answer elsewhere, and hope someone here might be able to help.

    Playing CoH, my party finally had a full-party wipe in the Flake Labyrinth, which was heartbreaking, because I hadn't been playing on Masochist at the time, so it auto-saved with my party dead in the Labyrinth. ****.

    So I recreated a full party, and have been grinding, now on Masochist mode thanks to advice from other people, and been doing alright. The problem is, how can I get back to my party members? My current party doesn't have a Labyrinth Key, and my party died in a Labyrinth. Are they located outside the Labyrinth? Or is there a way to get a replacement key?

    Thanks for any help!

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    To retrieve your dead characters, you need to be anywhere on the floor where they died with room in your party. Then press X, select the "Ally Search," and you'll be prompted to put the dead members in your current group. My memory is really bad, but I thought you didn't need the key after that to get in, since you already unlocked it. Did you try to go there with your second team and it wouldn't let you in? If so, I'll dig out my copy of the game and see if I can find a solution for you.
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