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Thread: Class of Heroes Discussion/Tips

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    I actually accidentally figured it out. Apparently, the auto-save was from before my characters died, so they were still in the labyrinth - I just didn't realize that. So I was able to just use the resume button to startup right where they were at the Lanyrinth's entrance instead. Guess I have an extra Lv 10 party, for now!

    Thanks for the help, though!

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    No problem! Glad it all worked out ^_^
    "Life is a serious battle, and you have to use the tools you're given. It's more important to master the cards you're holding than to complain about the ones your opponents were dealt." — Grimsley, Pokémon Black/White 2

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    Consider me a dirty save scummer, but I always reset whenever someone died. One time my entire party got turned to stone because my Thief failed to deactivate a trap, I was not pleased.

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    Anyone figured out the voice actors and actresses in the first Class of Heroes games?

    The Gnomes/Erdgeists were voiced by anime actresses Yoko Hikasa (Mio on K-ON!, CoH1 Gnome), then Ai Kayano (Inori from Guilty Crown, CoH3-series Gnome). The male Erdgeists on the other hand tend to be those who are (allegedly) playing as extras in some animes. CoH3 Male Gnome was Takeyama from Angel Beats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HatsyaSouji View Post
    Anyone figured out the voice actors and actresses in the first Class of Heroes games?
    I was able to figure out by using the cheap method of watching the ending credits. Although the honest truth is I tend to forget credits seconds after I read them anyway. Still with the magic of the right youtube video or just beating the final boss again, I can see it. Heck I can just put the full list below.

    Human Male : Yoshima Hosoya
    Human Female : Haruka Kimura
    Elf Male: Fumishiro Okabayashi
    Elf Female : Ryoko Ono
    Dwarf Male : Rei Shimoda
    Dwarf Female: Momoko Ishikawa
    Gnome/Erdgeist Male : Megumi Yamato
    Gnome/Erdgeist Female : Yoko Hikasa
    Halfing/Khulaz Male : Kei Kobayashi
    Halfing/Khulaz Female : Rei Matuzaki
    Sprite/Fairy Male: Takashi Ohara
    Sprite/Fairy Female : Ayana Taketatu
    Felpier/Felpur Male : Takuya Satou
    Felpier/Felpur Female : Nozomi Masu
    Drake/Bahamun Male : Go Shinomiya
    Drake/Bahamun Female : Kana Omura
    Daiblos Male : Daisuke Matsuo
    Daiblos Female : Yuka Nishigaki
    Celestian Male : Hitoshi Yanai
    Celestian Female : Saori Seto

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    Few of the Studio Mausu seiyuu ascend from player voice roles to actual anime characters, that's how I observe so far.

    I kinda liked how the male Erdgeists sounded on the first game, rather than the next games. They sounded more robotic than the first.

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