First of all, thanks to all of you for hanging in there! We've had a completed game for months, so it seems weird to still be talking about a game you can't play yet. But, we're almost there.

Okay, let's get the Bad News out of the way:

So, after weeks of working to resolve a licensing issue that came up with the opening song to the opening animation literally days before it went live on PSN, we're still not close to having it resolved.

Our Solution (Good News):
Rather than hold the game up even longer while we're trying to work this out, we are resubmitting the game (both digital and physical format) to Sony QA WITHOUT the opening animation and song. Once the rights issue is resolved, we'll put the opening back in, run it through QA again, and put it on PSN for everyone to download. This way, fans will finally be able to play the game, we can gauge interest and enthusiasm for our work, and it won't push Class of Heroes 3 into 2014 by waiting forever to release a finished Class of Heroes 2.

Note that the final opening animation may or may not include the original song. If we can't resolve the rights issue, we're discussing getting a replacement song from Acquire. One way or another, though, the opening will be put back.

Even Better News:

The physical+digital presales will open on the GAIJINWORKS site next week. They will only be open for 7-10 days, and once those sales are closed, there will be no way to get a physical version of the game. There will be no re-runs, ever, so digital on PSN will be the only way to get it after that point.

The Best News So Far:
We've been working with Sony on this somewhat unusual bit of fanservice, and it looks like we will be able to have the fan-preferred method of emailing the download codes for physical+digital edition buyers. This means that even if the physical product lags the PSN debut, fans that buy the physical+digital edition will be able to download the game immediately, in advance of the actual boxed product with the download code delivered via email.

Okay, one more Bad Bit:
We had to raise the price $2 to $36.99 on the digital+physical version to account for slightly higher shipping, manufacture, and fulfillment costs than we originally estimated, due to the very low run of units. The PSN digital-only version is still $24.99.

Thanks again for hanging in there! We're looking forward to letting you play in the world we've been living in!