A dubious proposition but one I will make none the less.

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny is an third person action game based on the the two Gundam Seed Animes and their side stories. Since 2000 to present there have been a total of 14(or more) gundam games localized and has had a following in the US since Gundam Wing aired on TV (along with about 6 or 7 other gundam series if memory serves) Gundam seed is my favorite anime ever and while I'm sure there aren't many fans of the series I encourage you to check it out. That being said this is probably the niche'st game requested on the site. Please check out some gameplay videos and screenshots the graphics are quite nice. It wouldn't be bad for a supposedly starved Vita user base.

Here's the Trailer

And some screens

And this one

So yeah, is there even a flicker of a chance?