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Thread: Bravely Default Discussion Thread!

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    Bravely Default Discussion Thread!

    How is everyone liking the game so far?

    I have a population of 24 in my Norende town simulation, and have two more shops to get to Lv 11 before I max out everything (unless the level is higher than that later on). It's fun doing the town re-building part. Sad to say, I spent more time having my 3DS in sleep mode and doing that, then the game portion--even though I'm about 7 hours into the main game.


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    I still haven't opened my Collector's edition. I don't want to start it before South Park, because it would get dropped. Will likely start it after I finish South Park.
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    Cool, I like those random RPG simulation games and one that I really want to get into is where you can be a shopkeeper... it's pretty close to some even more random innkeeper game I've been dreaming of my entire life. That stuff is cool to me because it mimics real-life somewhat and you can be a good trader/barterer in actuality and completely suck in a videogame. That's always so funny to me in discussion. LOL

    Like, RPG Dungeon? RPG Maker? I've always wanted to buy that game and play the heck out of it. I'd always, to myself, be oh, just buy it... but I never got around to it. *giggle*

    What the (expletive)? The one on Nintendo 64 was one of my ultimate favorite games. South Park.
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