My biggest beef with the Eternal Blue remake was how it completely butchered the Master Lunn reveal. I guess they did it that way because they assumed everyone would have already been familiar with the twist but it was just screwy that they didn't even try. Personally, I prefer the remake of the first game but the Sega CD original of Eternal Blue. The original Silver Star, as good as it was for its time, did not age nearly as well and it just doesn't feel as fully realized. Meanwhile, the original Eternal Blue holds up just fine. Aside from the removal of random battles, I don't think the remake really improved on anything. I do think it was really messed up to charge the player to save the game but thankfully those Magic points are usually in good supply but early in the game it's kind of a pain in the ass. And the Lemina bug is just too nifty to give up.

If the abysmal Dragon Song doesn't count, the thing about a hypothetical Lunar 3 is what else is there to say? I'm not sure I'm a fan of revisiting the world just for its own sake. The two games wrap everything up perfectly. We get closure to both Luna and Ghaleon's stories, a mad god is defeated, and the "blue star" that was somewhat at the heart of both games springs back to life. Do we really need another game?