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Thread: What Are You Playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xelement5x View Post

    Good luck Phantom.
    Ditto. This is some seriously messed up business. I hope you get a good judge, Phantom.

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    Yeah, Good Luck mate.
    Sanity is the Lie, There is only Madness.

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    I'm going to request just a me, her and the judge conversation inside the judge's chambers so her parents can't influence what's said. Get to the actual bottom of this and figure out what she thinks and see if she realizes her own victimization by her parents and can actually see what has truly gone on here. If the woman I love no longer exists due to their manipulation and she can't be made to open her eyes then I can only focus on the baby.

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    I finished playing through Quake Saturn today, I went for a 100% kills/secrets run.

    Ive owned this game since 1997 when it came out (got it for Xmas when I was 11, last Saturn game I owned) and I play through it ever 2 years or so. Never tried this before.

    There is a glitch in 2 levels where 2 enemies are missing so the final kill count was 1145/1147 and 105/105 on secrets.

    There is also this crazy easter egg that if finish the game with 100% secrets the final credits take place in one of the developers apartments! So cool! Then I found out via an action replay code you can actually play around in the apartment.

    These pictures are awful. Done with cell phone on a tiny CRT but you can wander around the kitchen which has a dog laying around and a Quake Ogre on the couch with a Lobotomy shirt.

    Funny thing is there isnt much on the web about this at all.

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    Got 100% trophies for Shadow of War, had a good time with the main game and the expansions. It is a bit sad that this wasn't the initial version they released, I can imagine how grindy the game was with the microtransactions and all that.

    I also got the plat for Fernz Gate some days ago. Easy and quick RPG, I liked it but not as much as Revenant Saga. Crafting a weapon up to lvl 999 was a big grind.

    I'm now playing Dragon Fantasy Volume I on Vita, and I plan to start Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 whenever I have time. I think this will be my fourth time beating those. I'll do it just as preparation before finally playing U4, so I'll have enough Sully jokes for about two months lol

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