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Thread: Do your parents game?

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    '"My Parent Game, '' it's weird-memory because I was born and raised here in America but I have international relations studentship so it's liex weird-joggy memory. lol I always thought the Carmen Sandiego videogame was cool. That's a safe answer, yes?

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    My dad and I used to play fighting games when I was younger. He got a PSP maybe five years ago, doesn't play it that much, and sporadically plays computer games.

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    My mom played pong and nothing else after that, she can't stand anything else and says video games are toys for older kids lol. My Dad used to play The Ninja on the Sega Master System a lot but that's it. He will however play any racing game if the TV and game is on and you put the controller on his hand. I imagine he would probably like any Grand Turismo game if I ever got it for him lol.

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    I remember I got to play Mouse Trap at F.A.O. Schwarz - I set it up perfectly. Perfect. After riding on their dang three-floored-tier escalator all in a tizzy. - and it was freaking awe-some to see it work right. That was like my favorite videogame. Players think Thirteen Dead-End Drive is harsh to set-up, right - Try Mouse Trap - You will quit piano. lol

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