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Has anyone ever gotten all 87? O_O and here I thought Fate/Stay Night's flowchart was complex.
As I recall, SO2 was not a case of 87 actual different endings. Instead, it was one of those things where you could unlock a character vignette that would play during the ending if you developed your relationship with the character well enough. There were little bits for who you were romantically interested in, if anyone (applied to both genders, but in the case of same gender, it was a "deep friendship" rather than romance) and it varied based upon whether you played as Claude or Rena. Also, you could not get everyone on any one playthrough; there were mutually exclusive characters (you had to pick which of the two you took, and often had no idea that you were making such a choice) and there were even two that were MC dependent in that playing Claude got you one, and you could only get the other by playing as Rena.

So .. yea .. calling it 87 is a bit of a stretch. Different endings is what Crono Trigger did (the ending changed depending upon just when you beat it). This? Just little vignettes that got added to the ending without really changing it (the only real changes per se were based on who the MC romanced/bonded with). I never beat the game after removing the Power Limiter though, so I do not know if the ending changed with that.