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Thread: The obligatory, "What are you watching at the moment" topic!

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    I'm the same way I can't stand most anime ops now.
    Bad media connoisseur and frequent avatar changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy View Post
    I'm the same way I can't stand most anime ops now.
    They either spoil a bunch of stuff, the song is just bad, or (And this is the most frequent.) both.
    Sanity is the Lie, There is only Madness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kou The Mad View Post
    Cannon Busters on Netflix is quite a fun romp, reminds me of Trigun.

    Also it's opening theme is fire, I didn't skip the opening once.
    These Days I almost always mute or skip Anime Openings (I don't like J-Pop, Anime and JRPGs seem to take offense to that.).
    I've seen this pop up an have been eyeing it. It looks fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrBonkers View Post
    Actually this makes the localization good, but because it doesn't match the Japanese Script 1:1 people throw a fit. And if that's a problem for you, GTFO, go improve your Japanese and play the Japanese version to be as pure and kawaii as you want.

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