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Thread: Unearthing SCD Lunar secrets!

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    Unearthing SCD Lunar secrets!

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    I've been in games a long time, and stuff like that tends to accumulate. Add that to the fact that I hide things in games just for the enjoyment of imagining the reaction of when people find them. Some haven't been found to date.
    Vic, first let me say I am a huge Lunar fan. It was the first real RPG I had a chance to play as a kid and it really set the bar for me. Now, onto the good stuff. About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to play around w/ my Lunar and began attempting to change my starting inventory and stats on Lunar: TSS for SCD and I stumbled into enabling the in game debug menu. I don't think any good emulators even existed at the time so I had to do this by editing my original lunar disc and playing on my console. A very tedious task you can imagine. During one of my tests, I loaded the game up on the big screen and you can only imagine the look on my face when I hit the start button and the in game debug menu to change my stats popped up. Plus as an added bonus I could walk through walls by holding B. It was a HOLY CRAP I JUST PWNED LUNAR kind of moment . I eventually went back over the changes and nailed down exactly which bit I needed to toggle to enable the menu so I could still play through the game without problems (0xFF is your friend when trying to hunt for goodies). A number of years later when I was feeling like I needed to get my Lunar fix in again I played the game fully through with the debug menu and documented what each of the bits in the "flags" menu controlled, noting when they changed (game state and chests). I think I am only missing a few to date (#epicnerdmoments). I have been sitting on this cool secret for almost a decade now hoping someone else would find it too but it seems like I am the only one. Last week I finally got around to making some videos of the debug menu in action.

    Recently I picked this project back up again and attempted to uncover the debug menu in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for the SCD. Which I had failed to find the previous times I tried. It took a little bit, bit this last time I finally got it. I was a little sad to see the cool debug menu from Lunar 1 be replaced by some hex input window in L2EB. But I eventually worked it out and liked that I could warp to any area in a map instead of just the map.

    On a fun side note I think I have solved the mystery of the Ghaleon vs the Black Dragon photo shown on page 19 of the game manual. The Funny thing about that easter egg photo is that if you look really closely at it you will notice that the stats (hp/mp) of all of the characters, except for Alex, are the initial stats when that character first joins your party. So to re-create I simply started a new game and warped to the black dragon cave, then added those characters to my party. BTW, why is Warp spelled "WORP" in the menu, is this an inside joke, or a Japanese devs translating to English type of thing.

    Are there some other hidden secrets in this game still to be discovered? Should I start searching for signs of the elusive dark scimitar . I would definitely be interested in any developer/qa/debug documentation on the debug menus/flags you might have lying around in that WD vault of yours, assuming it isn't protected material of course.

    Video of Lunar:TSS SCD Debug Menu

    Video of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Debug Menu

    Video of Ghaleon vs the Black Dragon

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    Quote Originally Posted by scdlunarninja View Post
    BTW, why is Warp spelled "WORP" in the menu, is this an inside joke, or a Japanese devs translating to English type of thing.
    Debug menus are fun, but this road for LUNAR has been traveled before.

    We didn't use the debug menus much for anything prior to Saturn because that's when we started doing all development on our side rather than in Japan, so the menus you see on SCD LUNAR are in the state that the Japanese side used for debugging - WORP/WARP was same diff to them, and since it wasn't customer-facing, we didn't bother with fixing it up. Very common for debug structures to be rough.

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    Whoa, you must be a really big Lunar fan-atic! That's a really cool thread to stumble upon because I literally just finished playing Lunar: TSS on Sega CD about a few months ago, for the first time, in a long time, ever. I bought or acquired L: TSS on-line from a trade when I was, like, four years old just talking to people on-line and I coincidentally let go of Final Fantasy 3 in exchange for it. It came with the game (the disc), the box, and the instruction manual and I couldn't be happier. My trade was fully-equipped, meaning I just tore off the shrink-wrap, to me that's what it's called all the time, and left everything in the box and just slid the game (cartridge) out. Their trade was kind of crummy, like, there crumbs of food I feel just within the pages of the instructions, and everything like that but I couldn't be any happier with it! I hadn't known the distinction between trading for a disc game with a cartridge game but the recipient didn't have a care either and it was cool finding some way for me to get a video game somehow without having to take the usual route of trekking outside my home at that age. It came in the mail and everything after a few days, and it was just cool to me. We gave each other a virtual high-five, and it was legit trade, like, you can't get any clearer than that.

    Those are cool secrets to uncover. I sat down and watched all the videos. I didn't have a SEGA-CD at the time, because I didn't know that you had to have a different console, so I was, like, kind of frustrated with that fact knowing I had to acquire the SEGA-CD console, too. It was okay, because I knew I had time to figure it all out. In the meantime, while I was playing around with my junk that I usually just do out of sheer day-to-days, I uncovered or discovered that you can play the video game on your CD player! It was the middle of the night in the dark and I was fumbling around with my CDs and I felt I popped Lunar: TSS in on accident because the disc art was kind of bumpy and I mistook it for music...Video game discs are smooth... and it played! I heard the opening humming or buzz and my heart didn't skip a beat but it straight up shrank or melted and I was hooked. Immediately, I tried to work out a strategy as to what I wanted to do--listen and spoil or wait? I listened to the opening music track for so long, because I just went on to the next clip, and things of that sort. Eventually I made it all the way to the last track, and I just didn't want to listen 'cuz of course I wanted to play the game. It wasn't until one to two years later where I finally found some friends with cool SEGA stuff for me to play the disc on, and I managed to find a few stores that'd let you rent playtime, too. It was just a cool experience to, for me growing up and learning through RL experience points, I guess, how video games (really) work!

    I had gotten back into gaming a lot more recently (marathoned about fifteen RPGs last summer) and found me a MEGA-dusted SEGA-CD, which was so bulky, and so out-of-tune, and so cool, that I got to stick stuff in it, and play with it, and clean it off, and get it to work properly, and even better than when I received it. Immediately, I figured out how to hook-it-up with only three wires, and I popped in LUNAR: TSS. I know that a lot of Lunar fans out there are bigger (in criteria) than me, but I held off on getting spoiled by a really rich game. There's so much content in the way the NPC's speak to the character, plus you finding the debug menu, and cool items! Being able to travel backwards! And, going to, back to all the villages and cool towns to talk to people or see if they're still selling the same ole, same ole. If there's 'new' anything, is cool to me. The first video you showed is cool! Alex has three sprites! It looks so much cleaner, and-crisper on your video because when I play it at home, I use a big, hulking T.V. and although I feel the graphics are the best I can make it, it'd be cool if I had been able to experience it on a tube television, haha. Just one of my longings in life, to be able to hear that, thunk on T.V.'s and computers, again! But, nonetheless--You're pretty good at moving the characters around, being able to walk in a straight line with a D-pad or anything is a feat in RPGs. I like when gamers think before they act in the pleasantvilles and towns, like moving from one NPC to the next to talk, acquire info. I keep pressing the directional all the time to keep from just staring at the screen and it helps me just input commands without wasting my own time. I had forgotten that Ghaleon joins you! (in the TSS version) That's pretty cool, and neat, because I just gotten off of a fresh, initial run-through. ...Cool how you smited the Magic Emperor with just Alex from the first screen!... Ugh, I would type more about Hiro and co. but yeah- Cool stuff!

    Ugh, I guess I should just write what I really want to write, then. I love the graphics on the SCD, because they're so clearly hand-drawn and there's texture to the backdrops, and you can TELL what is foreground and what is background, and I like that! I'd be able to draw it myself, if I wanted to because I feel the scene's pretty cool-looking. Their color palettes are amazing to me, that's how I feel RPGs should look all the time. It's really all a bunch of gushing, about how I feel it's great that you still have inklings about the game... I don't feel the world of Lunar's ever going to be forgotten because there are new fans for the game, like us two, I guess. As an example.

    For the last video, it reminded me of how " COOL " Alex's fire magic is!
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