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It went for about $120 last November. That was still a premium over the price of the game itself (hard to believe it's gone up to well over $100 in many cases now), and I was the second highest bidder (or highest loser as one might say).

I was skeptical at first, but the person had the provenance of being a former staffer for GameFan, plus I talked with some folks who seemed to confirm the age and type of media (TDK) it was burned on. I think it was more of a press copy than a real beta, but the seller said that there were differences between it and the retail version so my interest was piqued.

It did come with the original Popful Mail packaging though, which initially gave me pause, but they said "The packaging was finished when we received the rom so they put it in the retail package which was nice. " I'd have love to have gotten a hold of it and made a copy of the ISO for people to poke around at but after 6 months and no information I'm pretty sure it's stuck in a hoarder's basement now
The true betas had level selects and debug options. The press versions didn't as far as I recall. I also am pretty sure that all the SEGA CD era betas/press copies were on actual gold-colored discs, not the silver you see mostly now. All the SEGA-CD betas I have stored are gold discs.