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Thread: WD Trivia/Storytime Thread

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    That's depressingly true for the regular run of Tales of Symphonia. It had a deep but not overly complex battle system that you could avoid by spamming certain combos.

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    Enh, in a Tales game, typically all I want to just do is spam some moves. Usually by the end of a Tales game certainly, I am just looking to be done with it.
    Bad media connoisseur and frequent avatar changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord of Pirates View Post
    anime on ur wal. Such a weeb lol!

    Is that Ranma?
    :P Yes, it is Ranma, an ex of mine did that for me for my birthday one year, very talented artist.

    Quote Originally Posted by zborgerd View Post
    LCD and Turbo makes Gypsy cry.
    Yeah, I know, again, just hooked it up there to test it out. My receiver converts any video signal to an HDMI output, so it's super easy to plug stuff into the aux port for quick testing.

    Quote Originally Posted by xelement5x View Post
    If you get a moment zanth I would open it up and snap some pictures of the internal boards. Odds are that the capacitors are going out but it's not that noticeable yet. Early warning signs are low/no audio or other minor glitches.

    If you look near the capacitors (cylindrical parts about the height of a dime or less) and see black stuff near them or bulging I would get it in to someone. If they are leaking I recommend getting it done sooner rather than later, the longer you wait the more damage can be done by the leaking to the actual PCB.
    Yeah, I'll probably do that before too long. Would probably have the guy I bought it from do it, he's good at that kind of stuff. I know what bad caps look like, just not sure of hand enough to replace them myself.

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    I'm playing Alundra I guess. I have the Official Strategy Guide I bought from Electronics's Boutique in real lifes before I bought the video game before it comeseda out. I have such a tough time getting through it. I basically made it all the way to after-Olen and then I got tired or trickled and just whatever, ... But I am getting into it.


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    My Working-~Designs videogames/memorribbilliaa.

    I just have to find my Tosh Pocket Watch it's in the around the house somewhere. And some wall scrolls.

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    My Arc The Lad Collection Collection. I completed my collection when I got the pocketwatch from a pre-order at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria back-in-the-day between 1984-1997 (Millennial):

    I'm sure there's more memorabilia out there but this is the bulk, or hunk of it, so far!

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    Nice set
    "Anything fun costs atleast $8" "Winners don't play video games"
    GW Villan HQ Crew
    "Only a true deviant will have never played Zelda or Bayonetta."

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    Ugh, my main hub isn't loading. Yeah.

    I remember I got into Arc The Lad sometime random in lifes. I remember I obviously bought the videogame and strategy guide from probably Electronics's Boutiques's somewhere in Las Vegas/Henderson, NeVada, probably, I wish I still had the receipt, I loved that house, it's my mom's favorite house she said to me out loud earlier recently, hahahaha!!!!!.....

    I was thinking about how to take the picture and I tried to just lay it all out one-by-one at least. I thought it was a good picture. I hope Tosh is visible. For some reason I really wanted a Choko (obviously) pocketwatch or Poco was one of my favorites, as well. I was into music. Tosh is/was cool, though. I wasn't disappointed. I think I heard somewhere that
    is the rarest! Or

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    Anrietta or Choko were the rarest in my experience when I was working to get a full set. As far as I know I was the first person to complete it a couple years back but another member on here (Solaris32 I think) has quite a lot of watches now.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrBonkers View Post
    Actually this makes the localization good, but because it doesn't match the Japanese Script 1:1 people throw a fit. And if that's a problem for you, GTFO, go improve your Japanese and play the Japanese version to be as pure and kawaii as you want.

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    Thanks for the reminder. I knew that either Choko, Anrietta or for some reason I thought I saw a picture that said/had Diekbeck as the rarest. I knew I had the combination somewhat-off, so thanks for the clarification or basically just the answer, in general!

    I was really hoping to get a Poco watch, pocketwatch but I got Tosh instead which was really cool.

    I was trying to take a good picture and I think/hope it turned out all-right. My Daddy-O said to take a picture of each video game one-by-one but I just separated it all out piece-by-piece and I just took a gigantic picture.

    I saw that Electronics's Boutique used to display the Alundra Official Working Designs Strategy Guide as just the front-cover showing, they used to place it or display it on the countertop and I always looked at it. I bought it before I bought the game.

    I just always take a picture of the front of the videogame.

    I wanted to make sure Tosh was visible, so I hope he is.

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