Awesome thread, glad I got approved so I can finally post in it.

Some questions Vic

1) How many people did you have working there when CF2 came out? I remember calling in as a 13 year old eager to gush about how great I thought the game was , and I know I got you once. I was talking about how cool it was to have the voice acting, and the songs and all of that, and was pestering you for the code that would let me watch all the cinematics whenever I wanted. Good times. The reason I ask though, is another time when I called in, and asked how you were doing they said you were no longer with the company, and were fired for some reason. I realize they were messing with me now, though back then I was kinda freaked out. Still, it never seemed like WD was a big operation back then.

2) How did you decide on Cadash and Parasol Stars? Did you need to do HuCards first in order to be able to release CDs, or did you come to that decision later?

3) We know about TG-CD games and Saturn games that were planned but never saw release, but what about Sega-CD stuff? Anything there that you wanted to bring out but were unable to?

4) What exactly happened to Studio Alex?