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Thread: Etrian Mystery Dungeon coming to NA (Spring 2015)

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    I just checked: the original Etrian Odyssey was released in 2007 (in Japan). By 2015 we´ll have 8 games in the franchise. So it really is annual. :-)

    Persona, while being somewhat milked lately with the Arena games and Q, is sort of an ancient franchise spinoff though.

    In case of the Atelier series, I feel like they´re almost taking the Pokémon approach, aka the Inazuma Eleven approach: releasing what is essentially the same game multiple times in different variants. :-) It´s one of the reasons I stay away from the series.

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    Oooohh my God... An Etrian Odyssey rouge-like? YES PLEASE.
    The only thing preventing me from spontaneously combusting due to hype is the fact that I didn't like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games too much. That's my only experience with the series.

    Holy crap, Atlus announced EO5 too? Hell yes. I see some awesome stuff happened while I was fervently playing Pokemon OR the past two weeks.

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    I've never played Pokémon Mystery dungeon games .. but I have played Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon on the PS, and Torneko, which was a Dragon Quest / Mystery dungeon collusion. And a couple of other games in that vein, though they weren't "Mystery Dungeon" games.

    That said, I don't generally ascribe "Rogue-like" to them - that descriptor has connotations of much greater difficulty than Mystery Dungeon type games (those that I've played, anyway) possessed.

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    I like Etrian Odyssey, but I dislike Mystery Dungeon games. So conflicted.

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