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Thread: Best JRPG of the last generation in Japan?

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    Did you play and beat Path of Radiance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aristides View Post
    As far as Japan is concerned home consoles play second fiddle, if there was a definitive best JRPG in Japan it would have been a portable title.

    As for best JRPG last gen, if there was one I didn't play it if we're talking about the classic turn based variety. Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore are my top pics for Japanese offshoot RPGs last gen. If we're going into portable territory, wow a bunch we got and even more (much much more) we never got, plus when we add Falcom into the equation things can get messy lol.
    That is actually a really good point. I forgot how portable friendly Japan was.

    Quote Originally Posted by zborgerd View Post
    I frankly think that Xenoblade was one of the most overrated games of last gen. Nowhere near my top five. Not even in my top ten. Just plain boring and clunky, but I stuck with it for 100 hours. I should have sold it while it was still in high demand, and bought something like Fire Emblem.
    Xenoblade, much like Ni No Kuni, really scratched a particular itch at a time when there weren't a lot of traditional JRPGs coming out for modern consoles. I think that made them more overrated than had they come out in the PS2 era. It also had the bonus of FAN OUTRAGE~! when it wasn't immediately translated, so after everyone was begging for it, they couldn't quite come out and say it was only good.

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