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Thread: Retro Games rising in price. How much is too much?

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    Post Retro Games rising in price. How much is too much?

    Lunacy on Sega Saturn (Atlus title, adventure/FMV game). I paid $20-30 complete 1-1.5 years ago and now? It's $80+ on Ebay. It's so strange how this happens to random, obscure games. While others like

    Panzer Dragoon Saga (paid $230 CIB and now into the $350-400 range),
    Magic Knight Rayearth (paid under $30 CIB and now $200+) ,
    Albert Odyssey (paid around $40 CIB and now ~$120)

    ...continue to climb! Even bad games become cult hits just because they.......are bad, and that justifies the price.

    How much are you guys willing to spend on retro games, at present (and future) inflated prices? Is Ebay/Amazon to blame or is it that new/old gamers ARE willing to spend the money even if the prices are high and contributing to this trend?

    It's like I have to update my notes on current game values (I keep a log) to see the trends in pricing every 1 year.


    Some interesting articles and a lot of people hoping that the bubble will burst with prices falling. Somehow I doubt that, especially for collectors of the physical breed.

    Buying Back your Childhood: The Rising Cost of Retro Games

    The long and short of it is this: demand for video games is going up, and as a result so are prices, especially now with the internet allowing us to more accurately chart and catalog a game’s rarity and average going rate. Sounds easy enough, but where is this demand coming from? The most likely culprit is that most dreaded and universal of human emotions: nostalgia, combined with a healthy dash of convenience.

    Old games are simply getting more expensive due to popularity.
    --Source: 1

    Retro Video Game Collecting an industry built on nostalgia but plagued by high prices?
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