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Thread: Summon Night 5 Pre-Launch Waiting Thread (i.e. The Crying Game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicireland View Post
    But, SN5 on the Vita OLED screen is really a beautiful thing.
    I will definitely make sure to check it out on my Vita as well, solely because of how highly you speak of the appearance. Thanks again for making this game happen, I hope it is a huge success for you!

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    Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicireland View Post
    Duly noted.
    Hey Vic, I feel like I've been saying "I'm glad" all night, but Cerzelusername kind of hit in on the head, and I'm am glad you are listening. I've been hanging on this thread for the last few months, so I've been in the loop. I'm not sure if you knew VA was going to be removed prior to initial sales, but whenever you knew it would have been better to share this info a little more openly. I'm not typing this to be hindsight man, but I thought another rationale comment regarding this would be appreciated. Especially since most have been a little ridiculous on other forums/sites. I've worked in games PR the last few years, and while you are vastly more experienced in this than I am, I know it's a slippery slope putting info like this out there more openly. I'm not saying you purposely did the bare minimum. I know you didn't. And sharing info like this could cost the game sales. But gamers, especially the demographic that enjoys games like SN5 can be a little enthusiastic... which I'm sure you know again. When Atlus localized Dungeon Travelers 2, they were open about the edits they had to make to earn the game an an "M" rating. The enthusiastic were unhappy, claiming "censorship," but it was hard to be anything but sympathetic for them. I bring this up only because they were faced with make the change or don't do the game. Gaijinworks could of not did SN5 at all, but you pushed forward even though you had to make a tough decision that was best for your company and for us gamers who appreciate what you and your team does.

    TLDR: Thanks for listening. It's truly appreciated

    Anyways it's almost midnight. Time to check my code!

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