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Thread: Sony poll, Lunar 1 and 2 included!

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    Talking Sony poll, Lunar 1 and 2 included!

    Has this been posted before? If yes, sorry. (I searched though)

    Many difficult choices here! But I want Lunar 1 and 2 the most. Knowing how it went with the GameArts poll though, Lunar has much smaller chances here. Still voted for them!

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    Oh, nice. I voted in Symphony of the Night and Parasite Eve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubsiwub View Post
    Oh, nice. I voted in Symphony of the Night and Parasite Eve.
    I always thought Parasite Eve II was much better than the first.

    For me its Suikoden I, II, FF 8 and Gran turismo.

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    Both Lunar's voted for. Easiest call I've made in ages.

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    Breath of Fire 3 and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. Was much easier than I thought it would be.

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    The hell is Saga Frontier doing on the list? What a lousy game. And the PlayStation MSH vs. SF? Good lord.

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    Also for some reason they don't have x6 but they have x5, even though it's just a inferior version of 4.

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    That at least makes some sense. X5 is decent at worst. X6 is awful and that's coming from a die hard Mega Man fan. That being said, there are a lot of games that should be listed over X5.

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    I had a very difficult time deciding. I wanted to vote for both Lunar games along with Legend of Mana and Monster Rancher 2, but ended up with just Lunar 2 and Monster Rancher 2. I love all four of those games equally but Lunar 2 desperately needs a rerelease and Monster Rancher desperately needs a new installment (with 2 being my favorite installment)... Lunar 1 has had enough remakes at this point and the Mana series at least still exists.

    A lot of the other RPGs on the list are still on my bucket list, embarrassingly.
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    So besides Sony determining which one of their ps games is the most voted on by the fans, what else does Sony plan to do with that result if anything?

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