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Thread: Atlus to announce "BIG" CE today

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    If the Storybook was available for Vita I'd snag it, but as is, I'll pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsukoblue View Post
    I wish Atlus would do something with Growlanser and all of the other Megaten games that never made it over, it was great that the firstt SMT got an official english release but mobile phones...
    Only iOS. Hasn't been released on Android afaik.

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    $100 Price tag for Canadians... stupid exchange rate being utter garbage. Also Best Buy Canada doesn't have this gamer's club you Americans seem to have. sigh. hopefully it goes up for preorder when they have a promotion going. Only way I was able to get 15% off the Xenoblade X special edition..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrownKlown View Post
    You clearly are not familiar with a company called Capcom and its franchise Resident Evil and Street Fighter, or a little company called Square Enix and its FF and DQ series.
    What you really mean is:

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    I figured I'd leave that Klown post for you to address.

    There aren't actually that many Street Fighter remakes that come to mind. There are a **** ton of revisions though.
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