Set the Retail PSN Price for
Summon Night 5 and WIN!

(PROMOTION ENDED 10-31-2015)

In a first for console gaming, we are letting you help us set the price point for the digital version of Summon Night 5 and giving away some cool prizes in the process! 

For the next two weeks, retweeting this tweet (click the link to go to twitter, then hit the retweet icon on the tweet) will help drive down the price of Summon Night 5 when it hits the PlayStation Network in a few weeks.  We're starting at $34.99, but with enough retweets, you and your horde of quality RPG-loving internet friends can drive the price on PSN down as low as $28.99.  And, we're going to enter those that participate in a drawing to win one of FIVE PlayStation TV bundles (which include the PSTV, 8GB Memory Card, and DualShock Controller), so they can enjoy Summon Night 5 on the big screen!

The chart on the right will show the progress.  As each retweet level is reached, the next price will be unlocked. So spread the word about Summon Night 5 with the retweet button, and make a better price for the digital release!


You can help set the price on PSN for the best console Strategy-RPG of 2015, Summon Night 5! Click the Retweet button below then hit the retweet icon on the tweet to help unlock successively less expensive price (to as low as $28.99!) for the game's PSN release!  The numbers on the blue levels on the chart are the number of retweets required to unlock the next price level.