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Summon Night 5 North American

PSN Price Set!

Thanks to all of you for making our campaign to spread awareness of Summon Night 5's upcoming release and set the price a rousing success.  It was our most successful campaign to date, with more than 2x the number of impressions of our next best campaign. Plus, the best news for you is your efforts helped chop $4 off the PSN price, so instead of $34.99, it will be released to PSN for $30.99.  This isn't a sale, promotion or limited savings, this is actual price YOU helped set while helping us spread awareness of the game with the retweets!

And, as promised, we have Five PlayStation TV bundles were given away and the winners are posted below!  

Thanks again to all of you for your support. The game's release is just around the corner.  Once it's out of QA, we'll post the release date, but it will be soon!