12.9.2013 Thanks for supporting Class of Heroes 2!

All the Class of Heroes 2 product has been shipped, and we're just dealing with a few undeliverables and a couple mis-directed ones, but for all practical purposes we've finished the campaign.  Your support was integral to making this Physical PSP product happen at a time when virtually all other publishers in the US have given up on the PSP physical market as dead.  So, THANK YOU for making this possible.

It's busy busy here for our next projects.  We'll be continuing with Class of Heroes series, and if there's enough support, we'll do the physical+digital PSP game (Vita compatible, of course) offer again. We're even  aiming for slightly more elaborate packaging.  Look for more information later this month about the next Class of Heroes.  We have a teaser ad in the Premiere Issue of RETRO magazing, and then we'll put up more info here about it.  By January you should know most of our roadmap for 2014 releases, but licensing for other titles is ongoing, so more can be added for late 2014 or early 2015.  We're trying to "rescue" as many as we can before the book closes on PSP releases forever.

Mucho "Thanks" again from all of us, and remember that you can usually get more minute updates on the GAIJINWORKS forum as well as the odd tidbit by following @gaijin4life on Twitter.