About Us

GAIJINWORKS was founded by Victor Ireland after spending more than 15 years as President of console game publisher Working Designs, where he innovated console game deluxe packaging, special premiums, pack-in soundtracks and game documentaries for their highly-rated RPG products. Many of the practices he innovated have become standard in the console RPG segment, and console games in general. GAIJINWORKS is comprised of key ex-Working Designs staff focused on continuing a tradition of fan-service for game fans in both the digital and physical media markets as well as exploring a digital/physical hybrid release model that satisfies collectors as well as the general fanbase for the games they release.

A key partner in exploring this fan-friendly model with Gaijinworks is Monkeypaw games, headed by another multi-decade industry veteran, John Greiner. The relationship between the two companies is no accident as the friendship between the company presidents goes back to the early days of the Turbografx.  Together they're working to literally affect the course of the digital transition already underway the games industry, and putting fans first in the process.