Vanguard Bandits Pin

To celebrate the PSN release of Vanguard Bandits, we've been able to right a wrong from the game's initial release for PlayStation.

Back in the day, we created lapel pins for almost every Working Designs release.vanguard_bandits_pin-beveled.jpg At the time, we weren't able to create one for Vanguard Bandits because our contract didn't allow it.  However, now that we've re-licensed the game for PSN, we're finally able to make promotional materials, and we decided to create a pin for fans who've purchased the PSN release of the game.  The pin is the game logo on a gold background. Overall size is approximately 33mm x 12mm and the back has the same butterfly clasp on a single pin post that our other Working Designs era pins had. This is a limited-edition pin - when they're gone, they're gone. 

If you'd like one, print out a copy of your Vanguard Bandits PSN purchase receipt (they email this to you after making a purchase), a note with your name and North American address, and a money order payable to Gaijinworks for $4.99 S/H to:

P.O. Box 493399
Redding, CA 96049-3399

The new pins come polybagged, and we'll send one out to you as soon as we receive your qualifying request. NOTE: You MUST include a printout of your PSN purchase receipt or your request will be returned unfulfilled.