06.08.2016 Summon Night 6:Lost Borders Coming!

11.1.2015 Summon Night 5 North American PSN Pricing Set

The retweet promotion has ended and pricing has been set for Summon Night 5 PSN release.

11.1.2015 PlayStation TV winners chosen!

PlayStation TV winners chosen from the retweet promotion.

10.20.2015 English Summon Night 5 Opening Debuts!

English opening video for Summon Night 5 debuts!

10.19.2015 Summon Night 5 "Set Your Price" Promotion

Twitter promotion to set the price of Summon Night 5 on PSN.

10.19.2015 Summon Night 5 E-voucher Email resend

10.1.2015 UMD Voting is Closed

07.15.2015 Summon Night 5 Coming for PSP!

10.28.2014 Countdown to Shipping


Class of Heroes 2G Presale program closed

12.09.2013 Thanks for Supporting Class of Heroes 2

Thanks to the fans for supporting CoH2

10.18.2013 CoH2 Last Cart of the Day

Fulfillment update for Class of Heroes 2 PSP from 10.18

10.07.2013 Manufacture Done!

Class of Heroes 2 Manufacture Done Update

08.01.2013 Class of Heroes 2 August Update

Class of Heroes 2 update from 08-01-2013

05.13.2012 Class of Heroes Presales Goal Met!

Fan support comes through in the end!

04.01.2013 Class of Heroes Package Cover Winners

Winners of the boxart poll for Class of Heroes 2

03.29.2012 Class of Heroes Deluxe Kickstarter

One Kickstarter to fail them all.