Beginner's Brush

Map of the Beginner's Brush section of Class of Heroes 2

Witch's Woods

Map of the Witch's Woods Labyrinth in Class of Heroes 2

Swordsman's Trail

Map of the Swordsman's Trail for Class of Heroes 2

Road to Ruins

Map of the Road to Ruins Labyrinth in Class of Heroes 2

Ancient Labyrinth

Map of the Ancient Labyrinth in Class of Heroes 2

Kassata Desert

Kassata Desert Labyrinth

Granite Snowfield

Granite Snowfield Labyrinth

Glacial Labyrinth

Oblivion Road

Oblivion Road Labyrinth

Bridge over Dark Waters

Bridge over Dark Water Labyrinth

Seafloor Cave

Seafloor Cave Labyrinth

Endless Tower

Endless Tower Labyrinth

Particus Tunnel

Particus Tunnel Labyrinth

Judero Tunnel

Judero Tunnel Labyrinth

Mashlenia Learning Center

Mashlenia Learning Center

Holdeah Tunnel

Holdeah Tunnel Labyrinth

Lanzlet Academy

Lanzlet Academy

Howler Tunnel

Map of the Howler Tunnel in Class of Heroes 2

Flake Tunnel

Flake Tunnel Labyrinth

Yamhath Tunnel

Yamhath Tunnel Labyrinth

Duquette Tunnel

Duquette Tunnel Labyrinth

Tohath Undersea Cave

Tohath Undersea Cave Labyrinth

Tower of God

Tower of God Labyrinth

Frigid Wasteland

Frigid Wasteland Labyrinth

Labyrinth of Hell

Labyrinth of Hell

Condemnation Labyrinth

Condemnation Labyrinth