10/07/2013 Class of Heroes 2 UMD Manufacture Done!

Manufacturing completed on the Class of Heroes 2 physical UMD versions last Thursday, and the pallets were put on a truck to us on Friday.  Once we receive them later this week, fulfillment can finally begin!  Here's a picture of one of the completed pallets of product coming off the assembly line at Sony's plant:


(You can change your drawers now. Sorry about that. It IS pretty exciting, eh?)

The long slog to having the physical game and sexy full-color manual of the rarest US retail PSP game in your hands is finally almost over, and the good news is that the UMD will be idential to the version 2.00 PSN version that launches on 10/15/2013 - both will have the opening animation and song that were at the crux of what turned into a six month delay of the game's physical release.  While we were duking it out with The Man, we also cleared the rights to the Japanese version of the song for our release, so fans can choose whatever version they like.  Do nothing and the English version plays at boot or in attract mode. However, if triangle is held at boot or when the attract mode re-loads the opening, the Japanese version will play instead. On-demand geekiness, for your pleasure.

A confirmation email will be sent out to all that purchased the game in a day or so, and also act as an announcement of imminent shipment for those that missed this update.

Thanks again to all for their patience, and we'll post more minute updates on the gaijinworks forum in the Class of Heroes 2 status thread, so head there if you want more details as this week unfolds.